School adopts House System


There is a new energy around the Preston Area School this fall. Students were welcomed with “Coming Soon” signs hung around the school as they began the school year. Staff members were sworn to secrecy, and very few hints were given.

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the secret was revealed, and the House system at Preston was born!

The House system is based on a common model, used over many years in many different school settings in many different countries. All faculty, staff, and students are divided among four Houses. The House, which is a permanent assignment for the student’s lifetime at Preston, becomes a family, a team, and a community within the school setting. Houses compete throughout the year for points, earned through Achievement, Behavior, and Citizenship (the ABC’s).

The goal is for students to interact across grade levels and grow from positive peer pressure, healthy competition, and increased school spirit.

Four Houses constitute the system at Preston. These House names and characteristics are taken from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Donald Burchell, Preston Area School teacher, visited the Ron Clark Academy in June 2017 and observed this system in action. The Ron Clark Academy is a non-profit private school that has seen distinctive results in student achievement and character. For a school like Preston, where students and staff are accustomed to success in and outside the classroom, this system should be a smashing success!

The Preston PTO has been instrumental in helping support some of the financial startup costs for the House system. A very special Thank You to this important group is in order! As more milestones are met and exciting news occurs, we will be sure to share it with our school community